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WWe believe there will be strong demand for broadband technologies in Vietnam as dial-up subscribers migrate to broadband connectivity and people with no Internet access become broadband subscribers. We also believe that in addition to growing broadband demand, the rapid growth of mobile email products, as well as sales of laptop and ultra-portable computers, will increasingly favor Internet access that provides for portability or mobility. Because of the lack of infrastructure in many areas outside of the larger cities, we believe Internet service providers ("ISP") increasingly will look for more efficient and effective ways to deliver the Internet and wireless broadband.

Dot VN has an exclusive right to bring to Vietnam the E-Band Communications' multi-gigabit capacity virtual fiber systems, a wireless point-to-point layer one solution. E-Band is a leading provider of this technology which the Company believes will revolutionize the delivery of broadband Internet and wireless services in Vietnam.

Virtual fiber technology delivers 1.25Gbps and higher full duplex wireless bandwidth over distances of several miles and can be used to provide solutions for interconnection and backhaul of (i) 3G and 4G; (ii) WiMAX mobile networks; (iii) distributed antenna systems (“DAS”) and remote radio heads (“RRH”); (iv) in addition to the traditional Gigabit Ethernet (“GigE”) access, enterprise IP networks, last mile access, fiber backup, redundancy, and network extension applications.

The E-Band "E-Link" products incorporate Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuit (“MMIC”) technology that enables them to manufacture the industry's highest performance wireless systems with data rates of 1 to 3 Gbps over the distances of several miles with availability up to 99.999%. The "E-Link" system operates in the E-band spectrum at 71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz. E-Band has a long-term exclusive field of use license agreement with Northrop Grumman Corporation for its E-Band MMIC technology used to develop low cost, high performance millimeter wave radio communication systems. This technology gives E-Band ”E-Link” products an advantage over competitors and ensures long term performance and cost advantages.

In addition to an exclusive right in Vietnam, Dot VN also has the right to distribute E-Band's virtual fiber systems in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.


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