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E-Band Communications' multi-gigabit capacity virtual fiber systems, a wireless point-to-point layer one solution, are marketed under the “E-Link” trade name

The 71-76 and 81-86 GHz bands (widely known as "e-band") are permitted worldwide for ultra high capacity point-to-point communications.  The 10 GHz of spectrum available represents by far the most ever allocated at any one time, enabling fiber-like gigabit per second (“Gbps”) and greater data rates that cannot be achieved at the bandwidth-limited lower microwave frequency bands.  E-band propagation characteristics are comparable to those at the widely used microwave bands, and with well characterized weather characteristics allowing rain fade to be understood, link distances of several miles can confidently be realized.

The E-Band millimeterwave communication systems provide carrier grade performance for gigabit and multi-gigabit throughputs achieving link distances over several miles.  The products address the requirements of carriers, enterprises, cable, government, and internet service providers building cost-efficient wireless multi-gigabit IP networks.  E-Band technology provides solutions for interconnection and backhaul of 4G, WiMAX, mobile networks, distributed antennas systems (“DAS”) and remote radio heads (“RRH”), Gigabit Ethernet (“GigE”) access network connections, last mile access, fiber backup, and network extension applications.

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