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Traditional Internet data center development generally requires that the majority of the infrastructure associated with the construction of an Internet data center must be built out upfront.  In addition, that infrastructure must be able to support not only current needs but also all future needs as well.  This “future needs” requirement makes the capital cost of a traditional Internet data center incredibly high.

Dot VN is able to offer the most technologically advanced Internet data center solutions to governments, businesses and organizations throughout Southeast Asia in partnership with Elliptical Mobile Solutions (“EMS”), a provider of high-tech solutions for the mobilization, operation, environmental protection and security of electronic equipment.  The centerpiece of the partnership is to bring turn-key infrastructure solutions for Internet data center projects in Vietnam.

EMS product offerings integrate Tier III, and in some cases Tier IV, standard redundant infrastructure into a cost effective and energy efficient secure rack.  Dot VN believes that this solution is uniquely suited for the Vietnamese Market because the EMS product line reduces power consumption by up to 50%, floor space by up to 75% and significantly reduces the capital expenditures associated with building an Internet data center.  The EMS product line makes scalable “pay as you go” infrastructure possible which, makes initial construction and subsequent growth cost effective, manageable and quick.

Dot VN has the exclusive right to distribute these advanced Internet data center solutions in Vietnam and the non-exclusive right to distribute in Asia.

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