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“Beakthrough” Technology of ICD construction in Vietnam.

(eFinance Online) –At the conference of Mobile IDC with high technology -Tier 4 held in the morning of 28th Nov 2010 in Hanoi, Mr. Lee Johnson- President of DOTVN Inc said : “ according to many surveys from businesses, “force bearing” ability of IDC in Vietnam is very low because of  the substandard investment of IDC, poor infrastructure, limited space, ineffective cooling system, ect.” 

Agreeing with Mr. Lee Johnson, Vice Minister of Information and Communications- Le Nam Thangalso said that  organizations and enterprises in Vietnam have had a lot of difficulties in IDC construction .Presently, Vietnam has not formed  an IDC with suitable area and  international standard. The minimum requirements in terms of the machine room, backup power, cooling systems, fire prevention and fight is  still a serious “barrier" for the  units, organizations and businesses while building their own IDC or for lease.

IDC will account for about 50% of the  IT cost 5 years ago, after Vietnam joined WTO, it was estimated that IDC service market would break out in 2009. Consequently, foreign investors have come to Vietnam more and more leading to the increasing need of using this service. Finance, insurance,  telecommunications, oil and gas ... especially finance- bank would  pioneer investment in IDC.

In fact ,the above forecast has become  real. Many vietnamese businesses focused on IDC investment such as VNPT, DotVN, Vinetworks, GDS, CMC, ODS, Vinadata, FPT, Viettel ,ect.
Besides, the market also is more prosperous with the joining of the "foreign" name such
Market also witnessed a "pioneer" of financing the business sector in the design of modern IDC able to connect to the international system, meeting the requirements of new technologies. Espescially, that banks design IDC for their own systems is becoming popular.  IDC of Sacombank is the latest typical example with initial investment capital of USD millions in order to create a data center according to international standards TIA-942.

Because of  IDC market development , it is estimated that Vietnamese businesses will spend about 50 percent of cost in building IDCs. In 2010, Vietnamese economy is believed to recover and achieve the highest growth in the region. Expected elements of IDC investment attraction are more clear such as the implementation of abroad investment projects with large scale,  need of  upgrading to 3G, 4G and WiMAX Networks of  telecommunication companies ; the active promotion of investment projects for the infrastructure of the State ... These elements are evaluated as the  great motivation to support the Vietnamese IDC market in the coming period.

"Taking a short-cut  - pick up first" with  EMS Solutions.
In spite of slow "start" in building IDC, the communications organizations, units and enterprises are really lucky to approach the most modern technologies and solutions in which high technology solutions for  IDC infrastructure construction with standard Tier 4 + introduced the first in Vietnam by Elliptical Mobile Solutions (EMS), DotVN Inc, and Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) introduced will be one of the useful options.
 Investment in building and operating the  infrastructure for data centers traditionally quite complex with many items such as the raising floor system, force bearing walls , environmental control systems, security systems, safety, fire protection systems, backup electrical systems  with N + 1 standard of the TIA 942.

However, EMS has created a  new approach to integration of infrastructure requirements in a Rack, division of system into modules for management. The Rack of the EMS is designed to protect and ensure the sensitive electronic devices operating stably and safely  in mobile environment, even in the unstable environment (vibration, shock ... ) where it is easy to fire or explode . Rack  is also integration of  cooling system, multi security system (key CyberLock ®), multiple connectivity options(multi-port with standard IP 67 and allow wireless connections), mobility and standby power system .

" EMS Mobile IDC solutions will help units and organizations save up to 50% area, 50%   initial investment cost, 60% operating costs(due to power saving)," said Bill Stockwell -Elliptical Mobile Solutions CEO confirmed.

According to Deputy Minister - Le Nam Thang, this can be considered as a breakthrough technology of  IDC construction  in Vietnam. The units not having enough ability to build  a server room in accordance with required standard  will have another flexible option that ensure comprehensive and simple elements to build themselves and a compact IDC.


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