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Dr. Mai Liem Truc
  Former Deputy Minister of Vietnam's Ministry of Posts and Telematics (MIC)

Dr. Truc is recognized as the driving force in the technological development of Vietnam and has made numerous contributions towards the expansion of Information Technology, the Vietnamese Postal System and Telecommunications. He was educated in Germany and received a B.S. and PhD with an emphasis in Information Technology. Dr. Truc began his professional career as a field engineer and telecom specialist in Vietnam, leading to a position within Vietnam Telecom International as a managing director. He later was appointed President and CEO of Vietnam Postal and Telecom Corporation (“VNPT"), before accepting the position of Secretary General for the Vietnam Directorate General of Posts and Telecommunications (“DGPT”). Dr. Truc became the standing Deputy Minister for the Vietnam Ministry of Posts and Telematics (the “MPT”), which administers the Vietnamese postal system, telecommunications, information technology, electronics, Internet, radio transmission and emission techniques, radio-frequency management and national information infrastructure, management of public services, and telecommunications and information technology enterprises in Vietnam. Dr. Truc served as Deputy Minister of MPT until his retirement in 2006. Dr. Truc was also honored recently at the Sao Khue 2007 awards ceremony, held in Hanoi, as a significant leader who has made great contributions towards the modernization of Vietnam's telecommunications network.


Mr. Nguyen Le Thuy

  Former Director General of Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (“VNNIC”)

Mr. Nguyen is recognized as the first manager having established, organized, and directed the successful Vietnam Internet agency VNNIC since its founding on April 28, 2000. As the Director General, he made numerous significant contributions including, building VNNIC’s first data center in Hanoi and selecting Dot VN as the first online e-commerce .VN registrar and the exclusive Vietnamese IDN registrar/manager. Under his fourteen year watch, Mr. Nguyen’s agency registered over 450,000 standard domains .VN and, with Dot VN, Inc.’s progressive marketing, over 950,000 Vietnamese IDNs prior to his retirement at the end of 2013.
In 1998, the General Post Office Certificate of Merit for Achievement was awarded to Mr. Nguyen for his significant contribution towards convincing the Vietnamese State to adopt and implement a global Internet network for Vietnam. Under his direction, VNNIC was recognized and awarded four times the Certificate of Merit and Banners from the Prime Minister for successful implementation of Vietnam’s Internet programs. In 2012, he was also honored with the Third Labor Medal by the President of Vietnam for the significant contributions towards the modernization of Vietnam’s Internet network and its policies.


Mr. Kenneth Le
  President and CEO, Le Investment Group, LLC

Mr. Le is President and CEO of Le Investment Group, LLC, and has been a successful entrepreneur for over 25 years with experience in a variety of sectors including real estate development, import-export, food services, and Internet ventures. Mr. Le is a co-founder and Vice-President of the Vietnamese American Entrepreneurs Association (the "VAEA"). The VAEA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting business in the Vietnamese community, developing and promoting trade between the United States and Southeast Asia and supporting charitable organizations. Mr. Le also currently serves on the Board of Directors; Texatronics Corp, My Viet Phu and Saigon Mall Corp.


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